Mockingbird is a mock streaming data generator.

It is FOSS & available as a library, CLI or UI.

You can self-host the UI, or use Tinybird's hosted one (opens in a new tab).


Mockingbird can send to any HTTP endpoint using Destinations.

Current Destinations are:

Missing your favourite destination? Please contribute a Destination (opens in a new tab)!


Mockingbird is written in TypeScript.

Faker.js (opens in a new tab) is used under the hood to provide many of the mock Data Types. Faker.js is extended with additional custom Data Types.

Mockingbird is a library, which can be used like any other package and installed from npm (opens in a new tab).

As well as the library, there are standalone CLI (opens in a new tab) and UI (opens in a new tab) applictions.

In the UI application, the data generation is performed inside a web worker (opens in a new tab) which prevents it from locking up your browser's main thread.

Data generation is separated from the logic that sends data to the final destination. This enables Mockingbird to support sending data to many different downstream systems, which are called 'Destinations'.


Mockingbird is Free Open-Source Software, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. We encourage anyone to contribute to the project.

Feel free to contribute a new Destination, or raise a GitHub issue to request one.

Vendors are welcome to contribute Destinations for their own tools!