Mockingbird CLI

The Mockingbird CLI is a node-based CLI tool to invoke Mockingbird.


The CLI is available from npm (opens in a new tab).

You can install it using npm install -G @tinybirdco/mockingbird-cli



Use mockingbird-cli --help to get a list of available commands or

Use mockingbird-cli <command> --help to get a list of available options for a command.

@tinybirdco/mockingbird-cli  ably
@tinybirdco/mockingbird-cli  aws-sns
@tinybirdco/mockingbird-cli  confluent-cloud-kafka
@tinybirdco/mockingbird-cli  tinybird
@tinybirdco/mockingbird-cli  upstash-kafka

Common options

--template   Template to use for populating
  [choices: "Simple Example", "eCommerce Transactions", "Stock Prices", "Flight
    Bookings", "Content Tracking", "Web Analytics Starter Kit", "Log Analytics
                                      Starter Kit", "Sportsbetting"] [default: "Simple Example"]
--schema     Path to schema file
--eps        Events per second                                    [default: 1]
--limit      Max number of rows to send (-1 for unlimited)       [default: -1]
--logs       Enable logs                                       [default: true]


--apiKey     Ably API Key                                           [required]
--channelId  Ably Channel ID                                        [required]


--region           AWS Region                                       [required]
--accessKeyId      AWS Access Key ID                                [required]
--secretAccessKey  AWS Secret Access Key                            [required]
--topicArn         AWS SNS Topic ARN                                [required]
--subject          AWS SNS Subject
--snsOptions       AWS SNS Options JSON string

Confluent Cloud Kafka

--restEndpoint  Confluent Cloud Kafka REST endpoint                 [required]
--clusterId     Confluent Cloud Kafka cluster ID                    [required]
--topic         Confluent Cloud Kafka topic                         [required]
--apiKey        Confluent Cloud Kafka API Key                       [required]
--apiSecret     Confluent Cloud Kafka API Secret                    [required]
--headers       Confluent Cloud Kafka headers JSON string
--key           Confluent Cloud Kafka key JSON string


--endpoint    API endpoint name
                            [required] [choices: "eu_gcp", "us_gcp", "custom"]
--datasource  Datasource name                                       [required]
--token       API token                                             [required]

Upstash Kafka

--address   Upstash Kafka address                                   [required]
--user      Upstash Kafka user                                      [required]
--pass      Upstash Kafka password                                  [required]
--topic     Upstash Kafka topic                                     [required]


As an example, to send data to Tinybird, in the EU region, using the Stock Prices template, to a Data Source called stocks, at 100 Events Per Second:

mockingbird-cli tinybird --datasource=stocks --token=e.pXXX --endpoint=eu_gcp --template "Stock Prices" --eps 100