Tinybird (opens in a new tab) is a real-time data platform.

Tinybird developers and data teams to harness the power of real-time data and quickly build data pipelines and data products. With Tinybird, you can ingest multiple data sources at scale, query and shape them using the 100% pure SQL you already know and love, and publish the results as low-latency, high-concurrency APIs you consume in your applications. Developers can create fast APIs, faster. What used to take hours and days now only takes minutes.

How it works

The Tinybird destination sends data to Tinybird via the Tinybird Events API (opens in a new tab). Data is sent as new-line delimited JSON (NJDSON), contained in the body of a POST request.


NameDescriptionExample value
Data SourceThe name of the Tinybird Data Source to send data tomy_data_source
Auth TokenThe Auth Token with WRITE permissions on the configured Data Sourcep.ePjdfbsdjnfeunf...
RegionThe Tinybird Region of the configured Data SourceEU
EPS(Events Per Second) How many events per second to generate1000
LimitMax number of rows to send (-1 for unlimited)-1