Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud Kafka

Confluent Cloud Kafka (opens in a new tab) is a cloud-native, fully managed Kafka service.

How it works

The Confluent Cloud Kafka destination sends data using the Confluent Kafka Records API (v3) (opens in a new tab).


NameDescriptionExample value
REST endpointEndpoint URL (opens in a new tab)
Cluster IDKafka cluster IDp0s-f23...
TopicKafka Topictopic_1
API KeyConfluent API KeyFXVLSF...
API SecretConfluent API SecretGxvPswX...
HeadersOptional headers{}
KeyOptional key to use for partitioning.{}
EPS(Events Per Second) How many events per second to generate1000
LimitMax number of rows to send (-1 for unlimited)-1